The longest lasting tee

One tee, two heights and eight colors

Long Life Tee comes in two heights 38 mm or 70 mm and eight different colors. No matter what your preferences are, we have the right one for you.  

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Printing of logo types, names and pictures. Endless possibilities and great options.   

Are you a golf shop owner or the retailer of sports and golf accessories and want to sell our product?

Logo printing

Logo printing on Long Life Tee is the perfect way of marketing your own company or association. Thanks to the long lasting qualities of Long Life Tee your company logo will be seen on the golf course many rounds, long after the wooden tees have broken and the golf balls have disappeared. It is a great give away, either in connection with business golf, or to give to your customers or co-workers.


Made in Småland, Sweden

Long Life Tee was designed and manufactured in Sweden since 2005. On a wider scale it started to be sold the following year, being the first and only tee of its kind at that time. Ever since it has been very popular among golf players all over the world.

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