Long lasting & high quality

The unique feature of a flexible top and a steady lower section, makes it not only long lasting when it comes to quality, but also a very comfortable and easy-to-use golf accessory. Thanks to the middle ring on the tee you always get the same height. The ring makes it more stable and straight as well.

Long Life Tee is available in two lenghts: 38 mm and 50 mm

Exclusive features

Long Life Tee has a unique flexibility. Its superb quality is shown throughout every swing. But don't take our word for it - try a couple of hundred swings to make sure you are satisfied. The ball is lying perfect on the top of the tee, no matter how windy or rainy it is, without compromising your technique.

Conforms to R&A and USGA

Long Life Tee conforms to both associations R&A and USGA.

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